5 Tips and Tricks to Make Home Cleaning Effortless

Who doesn’t love a good life hack? This is especially true when it comes to the task of cleaning your home—something everyone has to do, but not everyone enjoys. With the simple tricks and tips below, you will never look at cleaning your home the same way again.

Simple Home Cleaning Hacks

In the image below, we’ll give you just a few clever and effective tips that will help make it a little easier to clean every room in your house. Read on to learn some smart tips that will help you save both time and frustration when doing household chores.

Effortless Home Cleaning Tips

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3 Mistakes Homeowners Make During Fall

Fall is finally here! The weather is getting a bit nicer, and there are plenty of fun and festive events popping up in the Orange County area. But before you spend some time outside enjoying this beautiful season, you’ll want to make sure that your home is prepared to keep you comfortable through winter. Below, we’ll discuss the top mistakes that homeowners make during the fall and how you can easily avoid them.

Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make in Fall

Want to avoid major home issues this fall? Make sure that you don’t make any of these top homeowner mistakes:

  1. Ignoring your gutters.

Though it may be easy to ignore the condition of your gutters, it’s important to make sure that they are clean and free of damage during the fall months. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can prevent your gutters from working properly by clocking the free flow of water. Any water that gets trapped in your gutters can then cause damage to your roof or even end up in your attic!

Make sure that your gutters are clean and well-maintained throughout the fall so that any water is able to freely flow through your gutters and away from your home. In addition to cleaning out any leaves or debris, make sure that you tighten any loose brackets and repair or replace damaged gutters before winter arrives.

  1. Overlooking the drafts.

Are there any areas of your home that feel a little drafty? Overlooking these drafts, even if they are small and don’t really bother you, can be a big mistake. Small cracks and gaps around your doors and windows can allow the air to escape from your home, making your HVAC system work harder to keep your home comfortable. This leads to energy waste and potentially higher heating bills.

To remedy this issue, seal any drafts in your home. You can use caulking around your windows and replace the weatherstripping around doors. You’ll also want to check around electrical outlets and make sure that your ductwork is insulated. All of this will help you keep your home more comfortable in a more efficient manner throughout the year.

  1. Not getting your HVAC system maintenance.

Many homeowners are of the belief that if there is nothing wrong with their HVAC system then there’s no need to call an HVAC technician. However, much like your car or truck, your heating and cooling system needs routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. A fall HVAC tune-up can help ensure that your heating system is in great shape and ready to keep you warm in the colder months ahead.

During your HVAC maintenance visit, a heating and cooling technician will clean your system and check for any repair needs. This helps you keep your system running efficiently while also fixing any smaller issues before they become larger, more costly repairs.

Orange County HVAC Maintenance

Don’t make the mistake of not getting your heating and cooling system serviced before winter arrives. Fall is the perfect time for an HVAC tune-up from the pros at McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning. When our licensed and experienced HVAC technicians perform a pre-winter HVAC tune-up, they will clean your system’s equipment, make sure all the parts are well-lubricated, and check the system for any issues or repair needs.

Scheduling an HVAC system service visit before the winter arrives will help you make sure that your heater is working smoothly and efficiently when the colder weather hits. Call us today to make an appointment: (949) 441-5611.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Have you noticed that your home’s air conditioning system doesn’t feel as if it is cooling properly, or maybe even blowing warm air? This is one of the most commonly asked questions among Orange County residents when they are having home cooling issues.

If you’re wondering what could be the cause of this annoying disturbance in your home comfort, then we can help. Read on to learn the causes and solutions to this fairly common problem. We’ll help you troubleshoot this annoying problem.

First, decide what type of problem you’re actually experiencing with your A/C:

Air Is Blowing Out of the Vents, But It Is Warm Air

This is a very common issue that people notice. Here are some great steps to follow if your A/C is functioning, but the air is not coming out cold.

Examine Your Air Filter

Have you been checking and changing or cleaning your air filter regularly? If not, then you could have a very dirty air filter. A dirty filter can block the airflow to your system’s air handler, causing the air that is coming out of your home’s vents to blow out warmer and weaker. If it’s been a long time since you’ve changed your air filter, then do so immediately and see if that alleviates your issue. If it’s been a really long time since you’ve changed your filter, change it. Then, call in an HVAC tech to check out your system for any potential damage not changing the filter could have caused.

Check Your Thermostat

This may seem silly to have to mention, but occasionally the cause of your A/C blowing warm air is that sometimes the fan is set to “auto” or “fan”, which causes your system to continuously circulate air throughout your home, even if the cooling unit isn’t running. This can happen for a variety of reasons, oftentimes it is just accidentally switched on. Check this out to make sure it’s not just an incorrect setting on your thermostat causing warm air to come out of your vents.

Examine Your Outdoor Unit

If you’ve been paying decent attention to your home’s indoor A/C unit, but don’t really pay much mind to your outdoor unit, then do so now. If the unit is covered in weeds, leaves, grass or other debris, it can inhibit how effectively it will cool your home. Clear any debris from your outdoor unit and keep it free from outdoor buildup.

It Could Be a Refrigerant Leak

If none of the above solutions fix your A/C, then it could be a refrigerant leak. Unlike gas in your car, your A/C doesn’t “use up” refrigerant. So, if your air conditioner is low on refrigerant liquid, that means that there is a leak in your unit, and you will need to call in a professional HVAC technician to fix this problem.

If Your A/C Isn’t Blowing ANY Air

If your air conditioner simply isn’t blowing any air at all, then it’s a good time to call in a professional to help assess the problem. It could be electrical or a failure in the system itself. Oftentimes an A/C will shut down to prevent bigger problems, such as overheating or water damage to your home.

If you’re in need of service to your air conditioner, give us a call. At McMaster, we pride ourselves on excellent service all around, making us one of the top HVAC providers of Orange County. McMaster is a licensed and insured contractor and a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Call us today at 949-441-5611.


McMaster’s Guide to Home Comfort in Southern California

Need some tips for ways to make your Irvine home more comfortable? We’ve got just what you need. Here are our top home comfort articles from our blog archives. They’re packed with some great information about how you can control your home environment for improved comfort year-round.

Irvine Indoor Air Quality

With all of the outdoor pollution we are exposed to each day, it’s important to make sure that we are doing all that we can to keep our indoor air safe to breathe for ourselves and our families. Here are just a few articles that can help homeowners better understand and work to improve IAQ:

  • Did you know that weather can impact the air inside our homes? In How Extreme Weather Can Affect the Air in Your Home, we talk about just that. High temperatures can cause an increase in pollen while prolonged wet environments may also result in mold growth. Use the tips in this article to stay safe in any environment.
  • Most homeowners know that they should regularly change their HVAC filter each month to keep breathing easy. However, not every home owner is on top of this important task. In Changing Your HVAC Filter: Why is it so important? we explain just why you should be. This is a great article to share with someone you know who hasn’t changed their air filter in awhile.
  • How clean is the air inside your home? There is no way to tell for sure without testing your IAQ. In our post, What is Indoor Air Quality Testing? we explain what IAQ is and how it can help you improve the quality of the air that you and your family breathe in on a regular basis. This is a must-read for any homeowner with allergy or asthma sufferers in their family.
  • You may or may not have heard about the power of UV lights and how they can keep your indoor air clean. We’ve written a blog post all about it. UV Lights: How They Can Improve Indoor Air Quality tells you just what you need to know about improving indoor air quality with UV lights.

Controlling Home Comfort in SoCal

There’s more to home comfort than clean air. Temperature and humidity control are also an important part of maintaining a comfortable home environment. Here are some posts with valuable information on how to maintain your home environment:

  • Programmable thermostats have become a popular device for homeowners across the country. But why all the hype? In our post, Programmable Thermostats: Do They Really Benefit Me? we explain how these devices can benefit you from both a home comfort and monthly energy budget perspective. This is a great read for those who have been considering a programmable thermostat.
  • Another type of digital device that is changing the way that homeowners stay comfortable is the smart thermostat. This device offers even more benefits to homeowners who want to stay comfortable while conserving energy. We give you all the details you need to know about these devices from the home comfort experts in Carrier Cor Smart Thermostats. This is a great read for those of you who like to stay connected through the internet of things.
  • Many Irvine homeowners find that as the seasons change, sometimes it is not hot enough for air conditioner or cold enough for heat. This can result in some home comfort challenges that are difficult to tackle. But have no fear! The McMaster team covers this and more in our post, The Goldilocks of HVAC: How to Ensure Just Right Home Comfort When It’s Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold. Use this article for information about how to stay comfortable in those in between moments.
  • Dog may be man’s best friend, but sometimes the furry members of our families can wreak havoc on our indoor air quality. Any Irvine homeowners with pets will want to read 5 HVAC Tips for Homes with Pets in order to get the information they need to keep their homes healthy and comfortable for every member of the family.

Staying Comfortable in Irvine, CA

Want to learn more about how to keep your Irvine home comfortable year-round? Check back on our blog each month for new and informative content about home comfort, home improvement, and HVAC. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss an update from McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning.

5 HVAC Tips for Homes with Pets

Cats and dogs are beloved by many, and numerous people in the United States share their homes with pets. If you live with a furry or feathered friend, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure that your home’s HVAC system is running smoothly, and that your home’s air quality is not compromised.

Control Pet Dander

Pet dander is made up of tiny, oftentimes microscopic, flakes of skin and is found on animals with fur or feathers. Most people who suffer with allergies to cats and dogs are not allergic to the pet’s hair, but instead the pet’s dander. Dander is produced by most pets and can seriously affect your home’s air quality. This can occur as the dander accumulates and is distributed throughout your home by way of your HVAC system.

The most important step in reducing pet dander in the home is prevention. Regular grooming of your pets is essential to their health and well-being, but it can also make a huge difference in the amount of dander they produce. Clean, well hydrated and moisturized skin will create less dander. Bathe your cat or dog regularly using a gentle, moisturizing soap (as recommended by your veterinarian) and brush your pet’s fur regularly. Adding these simple steps to your pet care routine can go a long way in preventing dander.

Change Your Filter

It’s good practice to change your HVAC system’s air filter regularly to ensure better air quality within your home. If you share your space with pets, change it twice as often as recommended.

Upgrade Your Filter

Even better than simply changing your air filter more frequently is to invest in your home’s air quality by upgrading to a HEPA filter. The benefits of switching to a HEPA filter are numerous. HEPA filters are made of densely packed layers of fibers which can capture ultrafine dust and dirt particles. This type of filter is ranked very high for its effectiveness and can remove approximately 99% of particles from your home’s air.

Clean Your Ducts

Having your home’s ducts cleaned can go a long way in dealing with pet dander. Dander, along with other dirt particles, can get trapped within your ductwork, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Since your home’s air passes through this ductwork, the trapped dirt, bacteria and mold will get discharged throughout your home each time your HVAC system is turned on. Having your ducts cleaned can eliminate this recirculating dirt and dander.

Seal Your Ducts

If your air ducts have cracks or leaks, this will allow pet dander an easy entryway inside the ductwork, which can majorly affect the quality of the air that passes through your home. After you have your ductwork cleaned, consider also having the ducts sealed to prevent further dirt from accumulating in your home’s ductwork.

We at McMaster can help with all of your indoor air quality needs. Check out our offered services, and give us a call today to learn more on how we can help improve your home’s air quality!

The Goldilocks of HVAC: How to Ensure Just-Right Home Comfort When It’s Not too Hot & Not too Cold

Though you may have had your AC on at full blast over the summer, temperatures in Irvine and other parts of Southern California tend to be more moderate in the fall. When the weather outside is not too hot and not too cold, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Like Goldilocks, you are left trying out different things until you find the comfortable home environment that’s just right for you.


Indoor Climate Control for Moderate Weather

Typically, homeowners will use their HVAC system to help create a more comfortable home environment. But it can be difficult to find just the right indoor climate when the weather outside is not too hot or too cold. Use these tips to help you find a home comfort level that’s just right for you:

Use a programmable thermostat to make sure the temperature is just right.

One of the best ways to make sure that your home climate is just right is by using a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust temperature settings on a schedule to ensure that you are saving energy while you’re away, and your home is the perfect temperature when you return. Smart thermostats get to know your temperature preferences and also allow you to adjust other environmental elements like humidity levels. This can help ensure that you are conserving energy while also keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Keep air circulating throughout the room by turning on your ceiling fans.

Though fans cannot take the place of your HVAC system as they don’t actually cool the air down, they can help with air circulation. Adequate air circulation helps regulate temperature, control moisture levels in your home, and reduce the level of allergens that accumulate in your home and have the potential to impact your family’s health. The better the air circulation is in your home, the easier it is to get comfortable. If you decide to turn off your air conditioner and open your windows to let fresh air in, use the fan to help circulate this cooler air around your home.

Use curtains, drapes, and blinds to help control the heat levels entering your home.

One affordable and effective way to help make the temperature inside your home more moderate is by using blinds, shades, curtains, drapes, and other window dressings to help control the amount of heat and light that enters your home. On sunny days, you can close the blinds or shades to keep some of the heat out, helping you to maintain a more moderate indoor temperature. When the weather is slightly cooler, you might open the curtains to let more sunlight in.

Make sure your home is well-insulated.

Insulation also helps you maintain a comfortable home climate. Poor insulation can lead to air loss, which wastes energy and increases electricity costs. Proper insulation can help keep the warm or cool air in your home from escaping through cracks and leaks, which offers you a more moderate and consistent home temperature that is not too hot and not too cold.

Are you having a hard time getting comfortable? There may be a problem with your HVAC unit. Call us today for an inspection or tune-up.