Protect Your Investment With HVAC Surge Protectors

If you have surge protectors providing protection for your TV and computer, it should not surprise you to know those surges you are so concerned about could also negatively affect your HVAC system. HVAC surge protectors protect one of the largest investments you make in your home. It may surprise you to learn that the surges are not only caused by your electric company’s power fluctuations, they are also generated by appliances you run in your home such as the dishwasher, dryer and well or pool pumps.

Buying HVAC surge protectors provides protection from the over 300 surges each American home experiences annually. Between the fluctuations caused by appliances receiving current in your home, your electric company and nature’s addition of lightning strikes, you HVAC system is in relatively serious danger of being damaged by a surge. It is the most susceptible to damage during a surge because of the vulnerability of its internal circuitry.

Damage to these circuits is also very expensive to repair and not always covered by the unit’s warranty. An HVAC surge protector can protect the whole system. The surge protector provides protection against surges effecting air conditioners and furnaces. A single phase HVAC Surge protector will also protect refrigeration systems, air handlers, heat pumps, motors and circuit boards. With many of these surge protectors a warranty is also offered to guarantee protection. Often a payout of thousands of dollars is pledged should the surge protector fail to provide protection for your system.

This type of protection cannot be installed by the do-it-yourself plug-in surge protector. It must be installed at the power sources for your HVAC system by a professional. The actual surge protector may be installed in more than one location along the HVAC system’s primary points in your home.

Save your investment and use your HVAC system for years to come by protecting it against power surges. Have HVAC surge protectors installed and never worry about lightning strikes or surges caused by your power company or your home’s appliances. Three hundred surges will occur this year in your home. Be prepared and protect your valuable investments by investing in HVAC surge protectors.

Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

Homeowners protect their homes from many different forces and factors. We use shingles on our roofs to protect against the outside elements. We use security systems, cameras, and locks to protect against burglaries and those with malicious intent. We purchase homeowners and flood insurance to protect our homes against other natural perils. Some homeowners protect against power surges by purchasing and utilizing power surge protection power strips or special electrical outlets that protect against power surges. Thought purchasing and using these items are a step in the right direction, they often give a false sense that a homeowner is protected from a power surge.

What the homeowner has not thought about it is their home utilities, such as their furnace, hot water heater, boiler, HVAC system, and air conditioning unit. These major appliances are also susceptible to power surges. In fact, if these items are damaged or ruined, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace them. This is because all electrical units and appliances were only meant to withstand a certain voltage of electricity. With a power surge, more power than the unit can withstand is sent to the unit.

What causes a power surge?

With our complicated power systems, there are many different factors that can be the cause of, or contribute to an internal or external power surge. Here are some common factors and causes of power surges:

  • Lightning and Electrical Storms
  • Downed Power Lines
  • Faulty Building Wiring
  • Power Outages
  • Cycling On or Off of larger type appliances
  • Maintenance at the power plant
  • Bad Electrical Components
  • Aged Electrical Components

Home Power Surge Protection

In addition to HVAC maintenance and repairs, your HVAC professionals can help ensure that you protect your home utilities and HVAC system from a costly internal or external power surge. Contact your trusted HVAC technician today to get your home protected. The longer you wait to protect your home, the longer you leave yourself open to a costly mistake. Though no home can ever be completely immune to a power surge, there are steps to take to significantly decrease the chances of your home being affected by a damaging power surge. Your HVAC technician can tell you more.