5 HVAC Tips for Homes with Pets

Cats and dogs are beloved by many, and numerous people in the United States share their homes with pets. If you live with a furry or feathered friend, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure that your home’s HVAC system is running smoothly, and that your home’s air quality is

Don’t Become a Victim of One of These HVAC Scams

Your home air conditioning and heating systems are vital to keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. When you experience a breakdown, you may be tempted to call the first HVAC technician you come across, especially if your system stops working when you’re experiencing extreme temperatures. However, it’s important to not make snap judgements when

Heat Pump

Know The Signs To Replace A Heat Pump

Heat pumps have a maximum lifespan, even when properly maintained. Various issues can cause a heat pump to fail before its time, however. Homeowners should recognize the signs of a heat pump that is nearing the end of its usefulness so that it can be replaced before it becomes an emergency call. Average Heat Pump

The Latest HVAC Advancements Every Homeowner Should Know About

Though you may not realize it, the HVAC industry is constantly creating new innovations that make it more cost effective and convenient for homeowners to heat and cool their homes.  From self-diagnosing HVAC systems to equipment that adjusts its controls based on the space around it, the HVAC industry continues to provide smarter and more

The Goldilocks of HVAC: How to Ensure Just-Right Home Comfort When It’s Not too Hot & Not too Cold

Though you may have had your AC on at full blast over the summer, temperatures in Irvine and other parts of Southern California tend to be more moderate in the fall. When the weather outside is not too hot and not too cold, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Like

The Importance Of J Load Calculations

In today’s world, almost everything seems oversized. We go to Starbucks and buy a venti coffee instead of a tall one because we assume we’ll need the extra caffeine. We buy two new titles in our favorite series instead of one because we don’t know if we’ll find both in the same bookstore again. HVAC

What You Need to Know About Chinese Drywall Syndrome

Stinky, rotten eggs. Not usually what comes to mind when troubleshooting your HVAC system. But for many homeowners this has become an association. During the housing boom of the mid 2000’s domestic supplies of drywall became scarce and many home builders, contractors, and suppliers began to use imported Chinese drywall in their domestic construction projects

Servicing TXV Valves

What is a Thermal Expansion Valve? Thermal expansion valves, or TXV/TEV valves for short, are valves which control the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. TEV valves are essential for energy-efficient operation of modern 13 SEER systems because they keep the refrigerant closer to the optimum superheat at all operating conditions. TEV valves are often

UV Lights Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a major influence on overall health, so it’s important to find ways to keep your air quality high or improve poor air quality in your home. Studies have found that ultraviolet lights are one way to reduce the impact of indoor air contaminants. The sterilizing ability of UV light is well-known.

Extreme Weather Can Affect the Air in Your Home

Climate change has increased the number and intensity of floods, heat waves and other extreme weather patterns. These weather conditions affect indoor air by changing the way homeowners heat and cool their homes, and by impacting home structures. How Extreme Weather Affects Homes Severe weather can take a particular toll on a home and its