Need to Buy a New HVAC System? Here’s How to Avoid the Pitfalls

Has your old furnace or air conditioner sputtered to a halt? Or is it so outdated that you’re ready to replace it with a superior energy-efficient model? When you begin your search for new HVAC equipment you’ll have a tremendous number of excellent options to sort through. But beware— there are a number of pitfalls


The Importance of Controlling Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air may seem clean by default, but in reality, this air is prone to contaminants and harmful gases. Indoor air often doesn’t circulate freely, and HVAC systems can contribute to poor indoor air quality when they aren’t properly maintained. In fact, experts say that over 70 percent of problems associated with indoor air can


Should I Get a Maintenance Plan or a Home Warranty?

While HVAC home warranties and maintenance plans may seem interchangeable, they offer different benefits and services that make a difference in the long run. Companies issue home warranties in hopes that their customers won’t use them, but maintenance plans are distributed with the idea that regular service can save customers, and the company, money. 1.

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Tips For Selecting Heating Systems For Your Home

There are various reasons why one may consider looking at new home heating systems. Such include remodeling to add some living space or to replace a malfunctioning AC unit. When an old, inefficient home heating system needs to be replaced, it can be daunting to choose the best option. Considerations There are several factors that

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What Is An Energy Management System?

Energy managment systems are computer software used in managing and optimization of energy grid systems to achieve higher efficiency. In the utility industry, it is used to manage HVAC and lighting systems across a wide area. This technology achieves its objectives through providing monitoring and metering functions to the building managers to enable them to

Do I Really Have To Change My Air Filter Often?

Many homeowners are not sure when to change their air filter or whether or not they should change the filters at all. Knowing when to change the air filter depends on a number of factors, and is something that every homeowner must know how to do to ensure that the air around the home is

What Is Two-Stage Heating?

When you’re looking for a quiet and energy efficient solution for heating your home or business, two-stage heating is often the preferred choice. Two-stage heating offers a number of important benefits that make it an excellent choice across a wide range of environments and budgets. Older HVAC technology often relied on a single stage furnace;

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Reduce Home Heating Costs This Winter

If you want to reduce home heating costs, then there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. This article shares information on how to prepare your home for winter and save money on energy costs. Consider Fuel Type Heating costs vary as you move from one region to another. Natural gas

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Reasons To Replace Your Attic Insulation

Correct home insulation is vital for the proper heating and cooling of your home. Insulation in a newer home will be of a much higher quality than insulation in an older home, due to wear and usage. A old, faulty or worn out insulation system will result in a higher electricity bill, or may be

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Energy Efficiency Tips For Your HVAC System

Turning off the AC For those concerned more about energy use as opposed to quality of life, then turning off the AC would be the better option. For most people however, there are several considerations to keep in mind before leaving the unit off for the whole day. Depending on the size of the home